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Having problems with culverts icing up?
Are frozen culverts costing you time and money?

Plugged culverts often mean:

  • Flooding and erosion: Flooding causes erosion that can wash out roads and damage valuable crop land.
  • Repair costs: Washouts and repair of infrastructure resulting from frozen culverts cost millions of dollars.
  • Safety concerns: Icy driving conditions and washed out roads present hazards to motorists.
  • Liability: Motor vehicle accidents, flooding and eroding of valuable land and the creation of unnatural water courses pose potential liabilities.

Conventional steam thawing is expensive, time-consuming and potentially hazardous.

  • Steam units require two operators, a three to five ton truck and a water source.
  • Thawing a frozen culvert with conventional steam equipment takes 30 minutes to several hours per culvert.
  • Operators risk steam burns and high pressure injuries.

The Iceworm™ Culvert Thawing System provides the answer.

It's cost-effective, convenient and safe. You can easily keep culverts open and avoid the problems resulting from frozen culverts. It's a practical approach to an ongoing problem.


  • The Iceworm™ Culvert Thawing System opens a frozen culvert in 7 to 10 minutes for a fraction of the cost of steam thawing. Payback occurs quickly, especially on problem culverts (one to two years).
  • Using a power source that can be conveniently carried in a pick-up, one operator can easily service 40 to 80 culverts. The Iceworm™ power source is so light it can even be used during spring road bans.
  • The versatile Iceworm™ can be used on any culvert. The culvert is fitted with a thaw cable. Then, when the culvert needs to be thawed, the Iceworm™ operator simply plugs the cable into the power source. Minutes later, the ice melts, opening the culvert.
  • The equipment is so safe and easy-to-use that operators require minimal training.

The Iceworm™ approach:
Consider allocating the maintenance dollars you would normally spend on steaming culverts to purchasing or leasing an Iceworm™ Thawing System. Start by installing the Iceworm™ Culvert Thawing System on problem culverts and the Iceworm™ Culvert Saver on culverts that occasionally freeze. Once the culvert has been marked, monitor the situation and add an Iceworm™ Culvert Thawing System if necessary. Eventually, you'll want to identify all your culverts.

Remember: The washouts and infrastructure repair costs you'll avoid far exceed the cost of installing Iceworm™ Culvert Savers and Culvert Thawing Systems.

  Steam Thawing Iceworm™ Culvert Thawing System
Thaw Time Required,
Per Culvert
30 minutes to several hours 7 to 10 minutes
Operators Required two one
Equipment Required Steam unit, 3 to 5 ton truck, water Half-ton truck, power source, thaw cable
Cost Per Thaw Varies widely, averages $250 to $400 per culvert, per thaw * Up to 90%
Risk to Operator Steam burns and high pressure injuries Minimal

* depending on circumstances

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